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CPH Moto Art designs, manufactures, and tests every part we sell. As a result, we have a great degree of control over the quality of our products. We are enthusiasts just like you, with a shop.

Everything is Fully CNC Machined from high-quality materials such as 6061-T6 Billet aluminum and titanium. This process is much more expensive than metal casting but guarantees you a beautiful, solid part that lasts. Our workmanship will be evident the moment you hold one of our parts in your hand: elegant in its simplicity, robust, but never boring.

You may be used to parts not fitting exactly as intended. We design our products with the highest degree of accuracy so that when you put them on your bike, they fit like a glove.

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you made the right choice for your motorbike. CPH Moto Art guarantees your will.

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